"The Power of Influence"

August 06, 2021 | By Chuck

I’ve heard it said that people will do with others what they would never do alone. This says that an individual who never breaks the rules may do so, if they’re with others who break the rules. Peer pressure has been a thing since the beginning, literally. My question is, would Adam have eaten from the forbidden tree if his wife wasn’t with him? The prohibition was given to Adam, so he knew not to eat from that particular tree. (Gen. 2:16-17) Eve ate from the forbidden tree first and then gave the fruit to her husband and he also ate. (Gen. 3:6) Did Adam feel pressure from his wife to partake in this rebellious activity?
I’m not trying to put all of the blame on the woman. They both disobeyed God, so they were both guilty of wrongdoing. I’m simply trying to point out the power of influence in our lives. Since influence is so powerful, it matters who our friends are. Most parents would love the opportunity to choose friends for their child and would only choose those who provide a positive influence for their child. It’s not just our children and young people who are influenced by those whom they’re around. We adults are also easily influenced by the crowd we keep. No matter the age and because of the power of influence, we all must be careful who our friends are.
“Do not be deceived: Bad company ruins good morals” (I Cor. 15:33).