"Spiritual Depth"

September 29, 2021 | By Chuck

Have you ever given any thought to your own spiritual depth?  Have you grown spiritually?  Are you pleased with where you are as a Christian?  I tend to believe it would be very helpful to look into that imaginary spiritual mirror and consider these questions.  We grade ourselves on nearly every other aspect of our lives.  We grade ourselves on how we’re doing in our career.  We grade ourselves on how we’re doing with our diet and exercise and even our hobbies.  Am I a good golfer, hunter and fisherman? 

            Why would we not put ourselves to the test to see how we’re doing in our spiritual lives?  Maybe you think you’re doing good enough spiritually.  Could it be that when it comes to your own personal spirituality that you will accept a far lesser grade?  Could our own spiritual depth depend heavily on our priorities and habits?  I can’t help but believe that the pandemic has drastically hurt the spiritual depth of many.  So many are out of the habit of making church attendance a priority.  What about your Bible reading and prayer time, is it a priority? 

            Our every day life, habits and priorities will show our spiritual depth.  I encourage you to test yourself and ask yourself how you’re doing spiritually.  I’m persuaded that people of spiritual depth trust God no matter what’s going on around them.  If conditions are favorable, they trust God.  If conditions aren’t favorable, they still trust God and it shows in their daily life.  How much Bible knowledge we have matters.  Putting that Biblical knowledge to practice in our daily lives matters even more and will take us to great depths spiritually. 

            “But I, brothers, could not address you as spiritual people, but as people of the flesh, as infants in Christ.  I fed you with milk, not solid food, for you were not ready for it.  And even now you are not yet ready, for you are still of the flesh.  For while there is jealousy and strife among you, are you not of the flesh and behaving only in a human way”? (I Cor. 3:1-3).