The Skinny Cabotcocyg Newsletter 63

February 05, 2019

Important News
CAMP CAUDLE    -    Camp Caudle is coming up soon.  We went last year and had an amazing time.  If you want to go, pay and register online (  Info sheets at Welcome Center.  I encourage you to get your teen to come.  This is a great camp for both girls and guys.  It is a time of fun, fellowship, and studying God's word.  If you have any questions let me know.  The early bird price was changed and ended at the end of January (instead of Feb like it has been), I talked to the director and he gave me a special code 'CEB19?  If you use it from now till Feb. 10 you will get an additional $35 off the price of the camp to reflect the early bird price!

WEEKLY EMAIL NEWSLETTER   -   Every week I send out an email that has attachments for upcoming trips, dates and info about upcoming events.  I also include descriptions of what I am teaching on Sunday and Wednesday.  I hope you will take time to put events in your calendar.  I also hope that you will follow up with your teen about what we are teaching in class.  When you ask questions it can start great conversations and it reinforces the message.  Also, research shows that just asking tons of questions is not the most effective, but have a conversation and tell them what you have been learning also!  If you are not on my email list or have not been reading them, I encourage you to do so.

Upcoming Events
2/13 - Spring Retreat $ DUE ($35)
        scholarships available
2/15-16 - Women's Retreat
2/20 - Spring Sing money DUE - $20
2/22-24 - CHRISTeens - DUE: 1/6 - $30
3/8-10 - Winter Retreat
4/19 - Spring Sing

July 21-25  -  Highway Mission Trip - *notice date change*

Wednesday Night
The Journey (2/3)
Starting a series about our Journey of Faith.  We will be looking at different stories in the gospel of John that looks at different people's journey of faith and what we can learn from them and how their story might have something to say to us.  This week we are looking at the man born blind who was healed.  He went from a stage of not knowing/ unbelief to fully accepting Jesus for who he was, while the Pharisees still doubted.  Jesus can handle our doubt and even our unbelief if we continue to seek Him.

Sunday Morning
Sermon on the Mount - T. J. Davidson (5/6)
This week we are looking at Matthew 6:16-34.  We will be talking mostly about money and worry.  Talk to your teens this week about how you deal with worry and how God has provided for you from things you have worried about.