The Skinny Cabotcocyg Newsletter 62

January 29, 2019

Important News
SUPERBOWL PARTY   -   The teens are going to have a Super Bowl party on Super Bowl Sunday.  We are going to have the party at church.  Adults welcome to come and stay.  Guys bring drinks and girls bring finger food/snack/dessert.  Starts at 5:15pm.

WATCH YOUR TEEN   -   I want to watch your teen in their different hobbies and sports they are involved in.  If your teen is involved in an activity let me know so I can come watch!

Upcoming Events
2/3 - Super Bowl Party @ church @ 5:15
2/13 - Spring Retreat $ DUE ($35)
        scholarships available
2/15-16 - Women's Retreat
2/20 - Spring Sing money DUE - $20
2/22-24 - CHRISTeens - DUE: 1/6 - $30
3/8-10 - Winter Retreat
4/19 - Spring Sing

July 21-25  -  Highway Mission Trip - *notice date change*

Wednesday Night
The Journey (1/3)
Starting a series about our Journey of Faith.  We will be looking at different stories in the gospel of John that looks at different people's journey of faith and what we can learn from them and how their story might have something to say to us.

Sunday Morning
Sermon on the Mount - T. J. Davidson (4/6)
This week we are looking at Matthew 6:5-15.  Prayer is a central part of our spiritual life.  Jesus teaches us how to pray.  We will be looking at this passage and talking about the importance of prayer and how to pray.  Talk to your teens about your prayer life.  Tell them what you pray about or why it is important to you!