The Skinny Cabotcocyg Newsletter 61

January 22, 2019

Important News
SUPERBOWL PARTY   -   The teens are going to have a Super Bowl party on Super Bowl Sunday.  We are going to have the party at church.  Adults welcome to come and stay.  Guys bring drinks and girls bring finger food/snack/dessert.  Starts at 5:15pm.

SPRING SING   -   Spring Sing is Friday, April 19.  The cost is $20.  If you don't know much about Spring Sing go to this website  I will be ordering tickets Feb. 21.  I need money before you reserve a spot. Once tickets are bought money is non-refundable. We will go out to a fast food place beforehand and then go up and watch the show at Harding.

Upcoming Events
1/25-26 - Men's Retreat
1/27 - Mexico Meeting (mandatory:  3:30-4:30pm)
2/3 - Super Bowl Party @ church
2/13 - Spring Retreat $ DUE ($35)
2/20 - Spring Sing money DUE - $20
2/22-24 - CHRISTeens - DUE: 1/6 - $30
3/8-10 - Winter Retreat
4/19 - Spring Sing

Wednesday Night
Singing and Worship

Sunday Morning
Sermon on the Mount - T. J. Davidson (3/6)
This week we are looking at Matthew 5:17-48.  Mostly the "You have heard it said, sections."  Jesus reinterprets the OT to focus more on the heart and intention of the person.  We are so outward focused and results driven, it is so important that we check our hearts.  We are not called just to jump through hoops but to turn our heart toward God.