Children Are A Blessing

July 02, 2015 | By Chuck

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him."(Psa.127:3) On Father's Day I watched the U.S. Open golf tournament as I usually do. This year had a very dramatic, exciting, surprising and sad ending all at the same time. Dustin Johnson had a putt on the 18th green that Sunday to win the U.S. Open. This is what professional golfers grow up dreaming about. They long for just a putt on the 18th to win a major championship. Dustin's dream had finally played out on Sunday at the U.S. Open. Here's the scenario: if he makes the putt he wins the national championship and his first major title. If he misses and makes the next putt he'll play in an 18 hole playoff the next day with Jordan Spieth. Dustin missed his first putt for the win which is no big deal because all he has to do is make the short putt he has left to be in a playoff with Jordan. I and I'm sure the rest of the viewers just knew he'd make that second putt but he didn't. Dustin missed that short putt that cost him a playoff with Jordan Spieth and the chance at a U.S. Open championship. The look on Dustin's face was a look of shock, disbelief and disgust. I was rooting for Jordan Spieth but I sure didn't want that to happen to Dustin Johnson. Not a 3 putt on the last hole on Sunday to lose the U.S. Open. I wouldn't wish that on my least favorite golfer. Something amazing happened right after Dustin walked off the 18th green. Maybe you missed it or maybe you had already turned the television off. The camera stayed on Dustin and his face went from heartbroken disappointment to a huge smile and loving excitement as his new baby boy was handed over to him. There were so many different emotions that took place on and around the 18th green on Father's Day. My favorite was when Dustin literally lit up with delight when he saw his baby boy. That was a tough day at the office for Dustin but children have a way of making us forget everything else and remind us that family is most important. I was so proud of the way Dustin handled his disappointment on the golf course that day but even more proud of the way he handled his son on Father's Day.