Exploring God's Word

The Book of Philippians Bible Study

Purpose: We want the Cabot Church of Christ to be a place where God’s word is studied and explored because we believe the Bible is God’s inspired word and gives us the words of life. This is why we are launching the “Exploring God’s Word” Bible Study.

Starting in March we will be studying the book of Philippians. The book of Philippians is a perfect book for us to study. It fits in with our theme this year of “Kingdom Citizens” and is so practical as we try to live out our faith.

Chuck will be preaching through the book of Philippians and Gary will be teaching an auditorium class on the book. We wanted to provide every member, free of charge, with the book of Philippians journaling edition. The staff and shepherds want to encourage you to read through the book of Philippians and take notes on the book in your Philippians journal. This is a great way to process the book while you read and make connections and ask questions. The staff will do the same and we will post our notes on Facebook for you to look at and interact with.

We also wanted to point you to a few resources for further study:

As you read and study God’s word on your own there are a few resources that Chuck, Tyler, and T. J., and Kale recommend.

Bible: For serious Bible study we recommend a Bible translation that is a word-for-word translation. Such as: NASB, ESV, or the NKJV. If you need a Bible see a shepherd or a minister and we will give you a Bible. The ESV Study Bible is a good all in one resource for study.

Online Resources:

  • We recommend the Youtube channel "The Bible Project" for great introduction videos on Bible books and introductions to Bible themes and words. Here is the link for the book of Philippians.
  • Biblecourses.com is a great website where you can look up Verses under their Study Materials > Search page. They have short articles that look at the text deeper. (Type in “Philippians” in the search box and you will receive many great results!)

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