February 02, 2021 | By Chuck

I’m sure you remember the W.W.J.D. slogan that was made popular some years ago. Of course, this stands for “What Would Jesus Do”? The idea behind the popular saying was to challenge ourselves to make the decisions and do the things that Jesus would. It is all about being more like Jesus. In our modern world today that all but functions off social media and who’s posting what, I can’t help but ask “W.W.J.P.”? Did you catch that? “What Would Jesus Post”?
If Jesus was posting on social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, I can’t help but believe that He would post things that glorify God. I really believe Jesus would use the social media platform to point others to God. Do you really think Jesus would post selfies? Do you think Jesus would make a post with the disclaimer “excuse the language but it was too funny not to post”? I’m not trying to be critical of anyone, but I do want to remind Christians that we have to be careful how we live on and off social media. You’ve heard the statement “think before you speak”. As Christians we have a responsibility to think before we post.
By your posts are you encouraging and building others up or are you tearing others down? Are your posts about passing along the latest gossip or airing dirty laundry? Do your posts point others to the God we worship and serve? Christians, before you post, think of yourself as an ambassador for Christ and ask yourself “What Would Jesus Post”? “Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making His appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God” (II Cor.5:20).