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The Skinny – Cabotcocyg Newsletter

Posted on: March 5th, 2019 by TJ Davidson No Comments

Important News

Teen Sports   –   Send me your teen’s schedule of their extracurricular activities so I can come watch and cheer them on!  Please, do it now, right now, stop what you are doing and do it.

Teen Led Service   –   On April 14 at the pm service the guys in the youth group will be leading the service.  We will do everything from leading prayer, scripture reading, leading songs, and giving the lesson.  If you want your teen to participate let me know.  Our plan is to do a run through Wed March 27 up in the teen class.  So encourage your teen to participate.   I encourage everyone to come out and support our teens as they lead in the worship service.

Upcoming Events

3/8-10 – Winter Retreat
3/20 – No Teen Class
3/21 – Teen Lunch – 11:30
3/31 – Senior Grad Stuff DUE
3/31 – Teen Devo – 6-8pm dinner provided
4/14 – Teen Led Service
4/14 – Teen Devo – *need host*
4/19 – Spring Sing

July 21-25  –  Highway Mission Trip – *notice date change*

Wednesday Night

Nehemiah – Building Leaders (2/3)

Cooperation creates Community

We live in a world that likes to draw circles and divisions between people.  We live in a world of cliques and lists of whose in and whose out.  Nehemiah created a since of community and belonging by including others.   In our schools where teen anxiety and depression is on the rise teens need to feel a since of community and belonging.

Sunday Morning
Dale Warren is on his third week of "My Life with Christ." 

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