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The Skinny – Cabotcocyg Newsletter

Posted on: December 4th, 2018 by TJ Davidson

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Teen Leaders Conference   –   TLC is a weekend retreat in Branson, MO for 9th-12 graders who see themselves as leaders in the youth group, or who want to be leaders in the youth group.  The retreat will be January 19-21 and the cost is $35 ($100 value).  This is a time where we get together with the leaders from the youth groups of the Searcy churches and have time to sing, pray, study God’s word, and have fun.  Info packs and how to sign up at Welcome Center.  Have to sign up and pay by Dec. 2.

BIBLE STUDY WITH YOUR TEEN   –   If your teen is thinking about getting baptized or has already been baptized, I have a set of 2 Bible studies that I would love to do with your teen.  It gives us a chance to study God’s word together and look at some important biblical subjects.  It also gives me a chance to spend some one on one time with them and get to know your teen better.  Let me know if you are interested, I am very flexible on when we can do the Bible studies.  You can also find these Bible studies at the Phase Station by the Welcome Center.

Important Dates
12/12 – Nursing Home Singing
12/31 – NYE Party – @ church – 8-12:30 – snacks provided
1/19-21 – TLC Branson – sign ups begin now!
2/22-24 – CHRISTeens – DUE:  1/6 – $30

Planning Ahead
June 7-15 – Mexico Mission Trip – DUE: 1/20

Wednesday Night

T. J. Davidson (1/1)

Jesus' Incarnation means "God is with Us"  no matter what.  Such an important message in a teen culture where teens feel more and more isolated.

Sunday Morning

T. J. Davidson

Bible 101 (2/3)

We are starting a new series called “Bible 101” and it is about some of the Great Themes of Scripture.  Although I call it Bible 101 it is anything but basic.  Every year we are going to look at a few different themes that are prevalent throughout Scripture.  I believe this will help us to see how the Bible is a unified whole and when we understand some of the Big Themes of Scriptures it helps make the whole thing make sense.

This week we are looking at Holiness.  One of God’s central qualities is his holiness.  And we see this theme interwoven throughout all of Scripture.  God’s holiness is what makes sin so serious and gives the impetus for the necessity the need for sacrifice and atonement.

Questions you can ask:
– What is God’s holiness?
            (It is God’s total otherness.  It it his ethical and moral purity.  God is also totally other in that he is not created, eternal, all powerful, etc.)

 – What does it mean to be holy?

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