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The Skinny – Cabotcocyg Newsletter

Posted on: October 2nd, 2018 by TJ Davidson

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WATCH YOUR TEEN   –   I want to watch your teen in their different hobbies and sports they are involved in.  If your teen is involved in an activity let me know so I can come watch.

Halloween Party – This year for the Halloween Party we are going to do something like we did last year. We are going to take the teens and do a Haunted House or Haunted Hayride. I am going to try to find a Haunted House that is scary but at the same time is safe and Family Friendly. More details to come. If you have a suggestion let me know.

SENIORS GRADUATING    –    Here is the list of who I have graduating if you see a correction that needs to be made let me know ASAP.  Alex Cantu, Matthew Dearien, Cade Harper, Brianna Hobbs, Mollie Jarnagin, Jacob Leech, Madison Meyer, Grayson Newton, Jared Russell, Carli Slayton, Brenan Stephens, Hunter Woerner

Important Dates

10/14 – Teen Devo – Dinner Provided – Jones House – 6-8pm

10/20 – Halloween Party
10/27 – Trunk or Treat – 5-7pm
11/3 – Movie Night

Wednesday Night

Michael Byrd
Build (3/3)

This week we’re starting a new series called BUILD.  We’ll be talking about Nehemiah and how God used him to accomplish a great work. There are some great takeaways from Nehemiah’s story…check out what’s in store this week!

Parents Try This:  Try sharing a story of what it was like growing up where you lived as a student. Was it a big city or a small town? Was there a lot to do or were you often bored? Most importantly, in what ways does your hometown shape who you are today? As you share, you may just find your student starting to value his or her own experience more exactly where they are.

Sunday Morning
Junior High – Scott Patterson

The Story (1/6)

1) Know God’s Story
          The idea is that through the 3 years the teens are in 7-9th grade, they will go through the entire Bible.  It’s important the teens has a grasp and understanding of the basic story of Scripture and these lessons are the main way we help them to see the BIG PICTURE and MAIN STORIES of Scripture.

When they were younger they probably learned some of the main stories but now they are older we want them to learn more specifics.  Not just their was a guy who built a boat, but we hope they can nail down more of the specific details of Scripture.

2) God’s Story Impacts Their Life
We also just don’t want to stop at them knowing the main stories of Scripture but we want them to understand how these stories relate to them and how we can be TRANSFORMED by reading and applying the Bible to our lives.  These stories did not just happen a long time ago but they inform us how to live today.

Senior High – T. J. Davidson

Acts – Empowered (1/5)

This past year the church has been studying the books of Acts in Small Groups, for Summer Series, and Chuck preached a series on the Conversion in Acts.  Going along with this congregational theme we have had, the teens are studying the book of Acts and looking at how the church was Empowered to be movers and shakers in the first century church and what we can learn from them.

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