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The Skinny – Cabotcocyg Newsletter

Posted on: May 29th, 2018 by TJ Davidson

News and Notes 
For Entry Party – Google “Urban Air Waiver” and fill out the online waiver before the trip

Cereal Drive   –   The teens are going help be helping out again this year with the Cereal Drive. We will meet at Harps at 9:00 and help collect food for the Cereal Drive and help distribute and then take it back to church. This is a great opportunity to serve. We will eat lunch afterwards. Hope your teen can join us!

3 Flamingos   –    During the summer when all the teens are together on Wednesday nights after church Faith Ball and I will be at 3 Flamingoes across the street from the old Knights. Teens and parents are welcome to come down and hang out for a while and get some frozen yogurt. It is just a great time of fellowship. You need to get your own ride to and from.

Monday Night Bible Study   –   On Monday Nights we will meet to have a snack and Bible study at different people’s houses. This is a great time of fellowship and digging into God’s word. This summer we will be looking at the book of Galatians. Don’t forget to bring your Bible!

Upcoming Events 
5/30 – 3 Flamingos after church
6/2 – 7th Grade Entry Party – *moved to 3pm – 7:30pm
6/4 – Monday Night Bible Study – 7:30-8:45
        Davidson House – 13 Charleston Cv.
6/5 – Summer S.W.E.A.T – Cereal Drive @ Harps – 9am
6/11 – Monday Night Bible Study – 7:30-8:45 – *need host*
6/14 – Summer S.W.E.A.T – meet @ 11:30
7/8 – 7/14 – Camp Caudle
7/30 – 8/2 – Highway Mission Trip

Wednesday Night – T. J. Davidson
No Limits (3/3)

This week we are finishing the life of Moses and talking about how even when we do everything God asks, God does not always work like we want him to and sometimes things might even get worse! How do we respond in those situations? What are we suppose to do and think?

Sunday Morning – 
Promotion Sunday  (T. J. Davidson)
It is Promotion Sunday this Sunday.  The teens will go ahead and meet upstairs in the Teen Center and I am going to finish up the lesson Rob was teaching last Sunday.  Then the new 7th graders will come up and we will Welcome them into the youth group and do a get to know you activity.  

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