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The Skinny – Cabotcocyg Newsletter

Posted on: April 17th, 2018 by TJ Davidson

News and Notes 
ATTENTION CURRENT 6TH GRADE PARENTS  –  I want to get a list of emails of parents of 6th graders so I can add you to my youth ministry email list. I will be sending out important information about upcoming summer activities. Please contact me and give me your email address so I can add you to my list. Thanks!

Highway Mission Trip  –  We will be conducting a Day camp for 1st – 4th grade with the Highway Church of Christ in Judsonia, Ar. For details check the handout at the Welcome Center but in summary we are doing an extended VBS and also going to help them with their reading to get ready for school. The kids we are serving are underprivileged kids in the community and they will love to have us there hanging out with them and teaching them God’s word. This will be very much like our Nashville Mission Trip. We would love to have parents help.

Upcoming Events 

4/22 – Mexico Meeting 3pm
4/29 – Senior Graduation Sunday
4/29 – Devo after Graduation Sunday for everyone
5/12 – Upcoming Seniors’ Dinner
5/18 – High School Graduation – I’ll take a group down
(let me know if you want a ride)
6/2 – 7th Grade Entry Party
7/8 – 7/14 – Camp Caudle
7/30 – 8/2 – Highway Mission Trip

Wednesday Night –  Michael Byrd (Scott Patterson lead singing)
Ask Him
We all want to be known, but we don’t ever really know anybody. Deep down we all keep things from people, and we know they do the same to us. But then, there’s God. God knows everything and sees everyone. Instead of striving to be known, we should strive to know the one who knows all and allows us to begin to be known by others.  

Sunday Morning –
Senior High – T. J. Davidson

Dollars and Sense – (1/3)

Teens will learn the basics of money: how to budget, manage a checking account, and spend wisely. They’ll also see the benefits of saving for the future, giving to the church and giving to those in need—and why it’s important to start right away! Lastly, teens will begin to recognize the difference between a need and a want and plan accordingly.

Junior High – Paul Killingsworth
Money Matters – (1/3)

Teens will discover that their identity isn’t wrapped up in what the world says about them, but what God says about them. They’ll gain confidence to stand up against clever marketing and find value in contentment, realizing that it’s not about how much money you have, but what you do with that money that matters.

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