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The Skinny – Cabotcocyg Newsletter

Posted on: April 10th, 2018 by TJ Davidson

News and Notes 
ATTENTION CURRENT 6TH GRADE PARENTS  –  I want to get a list of emails of parents of 6th graders so I can add you to my youth ministry email list. I will be sending out important information about upcoming summer activities. Please contact me and give me your email address so I can add you to my list. Thanks!

Camp Caudle  –  Camp Caudle will be here before you know it. We went last year and had an amazing time. If you are interested in going you can sign up and pay at (We are going to “Teen Week”. You need to sign up soon. I encourage you to get your teen to come. This is a great camp for both girls and guys. It is a time of fun, fellowship, and studying God’s word. If you have any questions let me know.

Upcoming Events 

4/8 – DUE: Graduation Stuff – PAST DUE
4/15 – NO Teen Class (Homecoming)
4/22 – Mexico Meeting 3pm
4/29 – Senior Graduation Sunday
4/29 – Devo after Graduation Sunday for everyone
5/18 – High School Graduation – I’ll take a group down
          (let me know if you want a ride)
6/2 – 7th Grade Entry Party
July 30 – Aug 2 – Highway Mission Trip

Wednesday Night –  Michael Byrd (Scott Patterson lead singing) 
Ask Him
We all want to be known, but we don't ever really know anybody. Deep down we all keep things from people, and we know they do the same to us. But then, there's God. God knows everything and sees everyone. Instead of striving to be known, we should strive to know the one who knows all and allows us to begin to be known by others.  

Sunday Morning – 
NO Class because of Homecoming

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