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The Skinny – Cabotcocyg Newsletter

Posted on: April 3rd, 2018 by TJ Davidson

News and Notes 
TEEN EVENTS  –  I want to watch your teens in action, whether watching them in the band, debate, chorus, football, baseball, tennis, volleyball, or underwater basket weaving. If your teen plays a sport or is in a club or some type of school activity I want to watch. Get me a schedule of when they play or perform, or even tell me the day of event, so I can come and cheer them on. 

GRADUATION SUNDAY  –  Graduation Sunday is coming up May 7. If your teen is graduating from High School we want to honor them during church at the evening service. I have already sent out emails and letters in the mail about the service. If you did not get one let me know so I can get you that information. You need to start working now to make sure your graduate has everything in on time! 🙂

Upcoming Events 

4/8 – Teen Led Service
4/8 – DUE: Graduation Stuff
4/8 – Devo – Martin House – 6-8pm
4/15 – NO Teen Class (Homecoming)
4/22 – Mexico Meeting 3pm
4/29 – Senior Graduation Sunday
July 30 – Aug 2Highway Mission Trip

Wednesday Night – Michael Byrd (Scott Patterson lead singing) 
Ask Him
We all want to be known, but we don't ever really know anybody. Deep down we all keep things from people, and we know they do the same to us. But then, there's God. God knows everything and sees everyone. Instead of striving to be known, we should strive to know the one who knows all and allows us to begin to be known by others. Week 1 – Willing to be Anonymous. God see's you when you pray, even when we feel like we are invisible to the world.

Sunday Morning – (Panel)
Tough Questions (4/4)
We are spending a few weeks talking about tough issues that teens face. Here are a few questions we will be discussing this week.

Eating Disorders/self-image
· What goes through people's minds when they struggle with Self-image?
· Why can't they just stop those bad habits?
· What is the best way as a friend to help someone who struggles with this?
· What does God say about how we should feel about ourselves?

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