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The Skinny – Cabotcocyg Newsletter

Posted on: February 13th, 2018 by TJ Davidson

News and Notes
TEENS GRADUATING  –  Here is the list of the teens I have graduating this year. If you know of any other teens graduating please let me know. If you are on this list you should have already gotten an email from me and something in the mail. Sydney Bufford, Kayla Coburn, Caroline Cox, Jaden Dickson, Luke Isom, Dylan Johnston, Rachel Long, Mallory Prior, Lilliana Shifley, Trey Tonnessen.

Upcoming Events
2/23-25 – CHRISTeens
2/28 – Early Bird Registration for Camp Caudle Ends
3/4 – Rest of Mexico $ DUE
3/4 – Mexico Meeting – (mandatory)
3/9-11 – Winter Retreat – $35 DUE: 2/14
        – Scholarships available
3/30 – Spring Sing

Wednesday Night – T. J. Davidson (Grayson Newton lead singing)
Relationships Goals is about what you want, why you want it, and who you want to be. Week 3 – If you want the right kind of person, you need to be the right kind of person.

– Ask your teens what characteristics of love found in 1 Cor. 13 they admire most. Tell them which characteristics you admire most.

Sunday Morning
Junior High – Scott Patterson
The Story (3/3)
This week we are looking at the beginning of the church. Some questions we will be discussing:

– Is the Holy Spirit still at work today? How have you experienced him or seen him at work?
– Why do you think Jesus’ message spread quickly?
– How was Paul’s life dramatically changed?

Senior High – T. J. Davidson
Unholy Scriptures (3/3)
Teens today are being exposed to more and more in every area of life. Because of this, some have questioned the integrity of the Bible. They have been told that there are other reliable accounts of Jesus’ life that the church ignored. They have been told the church has manufactured a portrait of Jesus by picking and choosing what to include. However, the Bible we have contains the only inspired and accurate accounts of Jesus and true Christianity. Very early and very quickly the church as a whole started to separate the inspired writings from the non-inspired writings.

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