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The Skinny – Cabotcocyg Newsletter

Posted on: February 6th, 2018 by TJ Davidson

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WATCH YOUR TEEN – I want to watch your teen in their different hobbies and sports they are involved in. If your teen is involved in an activity let me know so I can come watch. 

Upcoming Events 
2/11 – NO Teen Devotional – potluck after church 
2/23-25 – CHRISTeens 
2/28 – Early Bird Registration for Camp Caudle Ends 
3/4 – Rest of Mexico $ DUE 
3/4 – Mexico Meeting – (mandatory) 
3/9-11 – Winter Retreat – $35 DUE: 2/14 
        – Scholarships available 
3/30 – Spring Sing 

Wednesday Night – Guest Speaker (Jackson Byrd lead singing) 
We have a special guest speaker this Wednesday night and I am super excited. Parents you are invited to come and listen to what she has to say also. Here is what she says about herself and what she will be talking about:

I'm Sarah Brown, Executive Director of Lonoke County Safe Haven. I LOVE speaking truth to and with teens – we all need to hear it – and recognize it. One of the big things I talk with teens about is the definition of dating – to be successful AT ANYTHING – we have to have purpose (winning ball games / acing tests – all of it) – we even need purpose to dating to be successful at relationships. And when we have goals set in place – it makes it easier to keep our eyes on our goals. And those goals help us keep clear minds amidst all of the distractions of the media and world views. God has a plan for us – we just have to be patient and the world doesn't support that idea – again – goals must be established. 

Sunday Morning  
JH  The Story – 2/3
This week we are looking at the resurrection of Jesus. We are discussing questions like: 
– When Jesus appeared to people after his resurrection, how do you think their lives were changed? 
– What does Jesus’ resurrection from the dead reveal about God’s power over death and sin? What might this mean for your life? 
– Before Jesus went up to heaven, he commanded his followers to “go and make disciples of all nations.” What do you think this mean?

SH  Unholy Scriptures – 2/3 
This week’s lesson is a continuation from last week. Many teens don’t think the Bible is reliable because they think mistakes got into the text through hundreds of years of copies. However, we have evidence that through hundreds of years of copying the text stayed the exact same and we also know that through their strict guidelines they are able to accurately reconstruct the original.

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