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The Skinny – Cabotcocyg Newsletter

Posted on: January 30th, 2018 by TJ Davidson

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SUPERBOWL PARTY – The teens are going to have a Super Bowl party on Super Bowl Sunday. It will be at the Usery’s house. Guys bring drinks and girls bring finger food/snack/dessert. Starts at 5:15pm.

SPRING SING – Spring Sing is Friday, March 30. The cost is $20. If you don’t know much about Spring Sing go to this website I will be ordering tickets Feb. 8. I need money before you reserve a spot. Once tickets are bought money is non-refundable. We will go out to a fast food place beforehand and then go up and watch the show at Harding.

WATCH YOUR TEEN – I want to watch your teen in their different hobbies and sports they are involved in. If your teen is involved in an activity let me know so I can come watch. 

Upcoming Events 
2/4 – Super Bowl Party – 5:15pm – Usery House – 
        Meet at church at 5:10 for rides
2/11 – Teen Devotional – 6-8pm – Martin House
2/23-25 – CHRISTeens 
2/28 – Early Bird Registration for Camp Caudle Ends
3/4 – Rest of Mexico $ DUE
3/4 – Mexico Meeting – (mandatory) 
3/9-11 – Winter Retreat – $35 DUE: 2/14
       – Scholarships available
3/30 – Spring Sing – $20 DUE 2/7 

Wednesday Night – T. J. Davidson (Hunter W. lead singing) 
Relationship Goals (1/3)
Relationships Goals is about what you want, why you want it, and who you want to be. Week 1 – What you do now affects your future.

Sunday Morning  
J. H.  
The Story (1/3)
The JH are continuing their series of going through the Bible. They are picking up at Jesus' last hours and death on the cross. They will be studying the story and then discuss questions like:

– What do you think Jesus' act of feet washing communicated to his disciples?

– Why do you think Jesus had to die?

– What implications does Jesus' death on the cross have for your life?

S. H.  
Unholy Scriptures (1/3)
This week we are starting our journey to give us confidence the Bible is reliable. We are going to start off talking about how the Bible we have today is an accurate representation of what the original authors wrote. This is so important because many teens think the Bible is like the telephone game and as the Bible was transmitted throughout the centuries it has been corrupted overtime. But this is the farthest thing from the truth.

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