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Posted on: January 2nd, 2018 by TJ Davidson

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GETTING TEENS IN THE WORD – At the beginning of this year I really want to focus on getting teens to spend a little time every day in God’s word. If they do that I know it can help transform their life!! I started a series this past Wednesday about Resolutions ande are encouraging teens to form healthy spiritual habits. There are 2 ways we are promoting this and we hope that you help us and encourage your teen to participate! 

We are doing this by trying to reach teens where they are. 1) I have bought a book called “One Minute Bible for Starters.” The book is broken up into 90 days. Each day has a short Bible reading and devotional. Each reading is short so it is manageable and if teens can do it for 3 months, then they have started an amazing habit! 2) I have also started putting passages of Scripture with very short devotional thoughts on Instagram. I post these several times a week when teens are getting ready for school. The youth instagram name is “cabotcocyg”. Encourage your teens to participate in one or both of these great opportunities!

Upcoming Events
1/13-15 – TLC Branson – Back on Monday – 1:00pm
1/19-20 – Men’s Retreat
2/4 – Super Bowl Party – 5:00pm
2/11 – Teen Devotional – 6-8pm – need host
2/23-25 – CHRISTeens – DUE: 1/7
3/30 – Spring Sing – $ DUE 2/7

Wednesday Night – T. J. Davidson
Forward Motion 1/3
Session 1: To The Moon (Jan. 3)
So many times we look at our lives with great expectations, thinking we should be leaps from where we are. We expect perfection. We expect to arrive at some level. The reality is that following Christ isn’t about leaping to instant perfection. We’re walking with Him daily—a walk that involves steps, not leaps. Following Jesus Christ is about the small steps we make every day, steps of obedience, steps in relationship with Him. Sometimes those steps are small, sometimes they are big—but they are all still steps, moving us forward.

Sunday Morning  
Spiritual Gifts 1/3
This week we began our series on Spiritual Gifts. This week’s lesson was entitled “The Gift Giver,” and it focused on helping students understand that God’s plan to serve and grow His church is for the Holy Spirit to work in and through individual believers, and to begin to consider their attitudes toward the gifts they’ve been given.

Next Steps…
During the next week as you have time to talk with your teenager, consider asking the following questions:

– You talked a lot about spiritual gifts and God wanting all Christ-followers to use their gifts. How have you seen people around you use their spiritual gifts? (Share your thoughts here too.)


– Ok, so, if you’re a believer, you have spiritual gifts. What are some things that you think God has gifted you with? (You have a powerful opportunity to point out your teenager’s strengths and gifts that he or she may not be able to see.)

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