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The Skinny – Cabotcocyg Newsletter

Posted on: July 5th, 2017 by TJ Davidson

*News and Notes* Deadlines – Just wanted to try to communicate clearly. The “deadlines” we have for trips are going to start becoming much more “firm” than they have been in the past. When I first started at this church almost 9 years ago, we had 50 teens in the youth group, and I could get away with teens signing up late and turning stuff in late, it wasn’t as big of a deal. Some parents might be used to this. But we have 100 teens in the youth group now and teens can be flaky (as you probably know) so until they turn all their stuff in and pay it is hard for me to know if they are really going on a trip (so many say they are going and then back out and I get stuck with the bill). Because of this, payment deadlines are a must. I do accept payments early so if you want to pay earlier than the deadline that is perfectly fine :).
*Upcoming Events* 7/9 – Camp Caudle – leave at 2pm 7/15 – Caudle – get back at 11:45am 7/17 – Kung Fu Panda 3 – Silver Screen – 11am ($2) 7/17 – Monday Night Bible Study – 7:30-8:45 (Madar House) 7/20 – Summer S.W.E.A.T. – 11:30-3:30 (inside)
*Big Summer Activities* 7/22-28 – Nashville M.T. 7/29-8/5 – Canada M. T. 8/25-26 – Back to School Mini Retreat – info sheets at Welcome Center
*Wednesday Night – T. J. Davidson* Devotional Movie – I’m very excited about this special night. We are going to watch a short movie and have a devotional based off of it. This will be a very cool “theme night” and I’m going to have parents come up early and make smoothies for everyone. We will have a lot of fun and learn and grow also. If you want to help make smoothies let me know!
*Sunday Morning – Rob Gerst* Salvation (4 of 5) Rob is continuing his great study on Salvation and what that looks like. The teens are getting a lot out of it.

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