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The Skinny – Cabotcocyg Newsletter

Posted on: October 31st, 2017 by TJ Davidson

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BOB ARNOLD DEVOTIONAL – The Bob Arnold Devotional will be Nov. 12. We plan on having a ton of fun games at the devotional and prizes. Bob really wants this to be a Family Devotional, so families are encouraged to come! It will be a little earlier since it gets darker sooner, so it will be from 3-6pm. We will have the Lord’s Supper for those who could not take it this morning. I hope everyone will try to come out. 

Parent Meeting – We will have a parent meeting on Nov. 12. I will be handing out the 2018 calendar and we will spend most of the time talking about the Mexico Mission Trip. I will have packets available and answer any questions you have. 

Teen Leaders Conference – TLC is a weekend retreat in Branson, MO for 9th-12 graders who see themselves as leaders in the youth group, or who want to be leaders in the youth group. The retreat will be January 13-15 and the cost is $35 ($95 value). This is a time where we get together with the leaders from the youth groups of the Searcy churches and have time to sing, pray, study God’s word, and have fun. Info packs and how to sign up at Welcome Center. Have to sign up and pay by Nov. 29. 

Upcoming Events 
11/12 – Parent Meeting – 

          2018 Calendar and Mexico Mission Trip during Bible Class (Rm 302)
11/12 – Devo Bob Arnold’s House – 3-6pm – Parents Invited
11/26 – Teen Led Service
12/2 – Progressive Dinner – 6pm
1/13-15 – TLC Branson – DUE: 11/29

Planning Ahead 
June 22-30 – Mexico Mission Trip 

Wednesday Night – T. J. Davidson (Easton lead singing) 
We are starting a new series this Wednesday. It is 3 weeks long and talking about Grace. So many of our teens struggle with self doubt and shame. This will be a very needed series.

Week 1
Text: Romans 3:23; John 4:1-30; John 21:15-19
Topic: Grace Is Greater Than Your Mistakes
Big Idea: Our sin is ugly, but God’s grace is greater than any past mistake or regret.

Summary: New word that has been added to the dictionary – blamestorming. Unlike this word, “grace” is a term we’ve heard countless times. This brings with it a danger. “The word grace is so common it doesn’t feel very amazing”. This three-week series will take time to dig into what grace actually means, versus what we think it means. God’s grace is more beautiful, freeing, and altogether greater than we could ever imagine. 

Sunday Morning  
Senior High – Gary Bulice
Romans – (5/5)
Gary will be finishing out the book of Romans looking at chapters 12-16. Encourage your teen to read those chapters so they will be ready to discuss on Sunday.

Junior High – T. J. Davidson
The Story – (5/5) 
We are looking at Jesus as the Son of God. Some questions we will be talking about are:

– What would you say was Jesus' primary mission during his life?
– What character qualities do you see in Jesus
– In what ways did Jesus' words and actions reveal the reality the he is God?

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